Check out the main sessions from 2014!

All of our message and recap videos are online.  Our First sessions took a look at some key concepts from the book of Ephesians, a great place in the Bible, especially for the 18-25 time of life when so much of our world changes.  We hope that these can be an encouragement to you as you navigate through the ups and downs of the college years.

June 2014 - "Identity - Who Are You Now?" - As we move out of the high school time of life and into the wild changes that happen in the 18-25 time of life, we dig down to remember what the Gospel is really all about, the gift of a new identity that can't be taken from us.  A Child of God. 

July 2014 - "Community - Who Will Help You Stand?" - The Apostle Paul called it "The Day of Evil" or "The Long Day", the moment when circumstances in this sinful world move well beyond our ability to stand up under them.  Whether from the weight of our own actions that bring wreckage or the reality of sin in the world around us, who will help you stand?  What a comfort to know that God has given all of us Christian Mentors, if only we might take the time to develop those relationships.  You might find the next challenge to your walk with Jesus a stronger one if you would consider the 5 mentors in your life.

August 2014 - "Fearless Declaration - Life to the Full" - All of us want to make an difference in life and hope that some of our work and our efforts will outlast our time on earth.  One of the best ways to make a difference stems from the fact that the Gospel message has been given to bring healing and that through people like you and me, God would give us the key to bring healing to the people we care about.  Where sin has brought damage and brokenness, relationship with Jesus can bring restoration and resurrection. 

2014 Summer Session Pictures