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All of our message and recap videos are online.  We hope that these can be an encouragement to you as you navigate through the ups and downs of the college years.

January 2015 - "Freedom" - January is always the time of year when we consider things we would like to change about ourselves or our lives.  It's a time when we're actually honest about some things in our lives that need to change, all stemming from a desire to be free from whatever it is that seems to hold us back.  In this session Awake and Alive director Mike Westendorf talks about a biblical look at Freedom and the opportunities and challenges it poses for us as Christians.

June 2015 - "I Believe" - We say this all the time, "I Believe...", but did you ever stop to think about what goes into the fundamental concept of believing?  This isn't a Christian/Non Christian idea, but it has amazing perspective when applied to the Christian life.  To KNOW information, to ACCEPT that information to be true and to TRUST it for your life, that's a catechism answer to a familiar slogan.  As a Christian, we look at what it means to believe in Jesus and the implications for our life.

July 2015 - "Don't Miss This"  Speaker and author Amber Swenson shares some important insights learned the hard way about giving up our little dreams while pursuing God's best in our lives.  This is a great conversation starter for all of us struggling with controlling our futures or our present situations.  The stress in the present and the damage for the future is all to real when we don't "Let Go and Let God".  The blessings are exceptional when we embrace God's best for us.

August 2015 - "You Are Not Alone"  Pastor Ben Kuerth shares the heart beat of the God of the bible who designed human beings for relationship.  Relationship with God himself through Jesus Christ and relationship with each other as we live out our lives of Grace in this world with the hope of that ultimate family in heaven.  If you need a reminder that you are not alone, we hope you will take some encouragement from this session!

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