Awake and Alive


Get Involved

18-25 Generation - We're all looking for relationships, we're all looking for more than facebook friends and Instagram messages and we are all trying to make sense of the world that we live in.  If you are the kind of person that believes in the importance of Christian community with your peers, this event is for you!  You don't have to be a "member" to come, it's for you and for your friends.  We hope you'll consider helping make these events continue to grow as God uses us to make an impact in your generation and beyond and that it would be an encouragement to many others in their walk with Jesus.  Here are a few simple ways to get involved:

        * JUST SHOW UP -  We put this event together to be an encouragement in your Christian walk, help you meet new people that are in a similar space of life and our greatest prayer is that you would leave with a faith that is encouraged, knowing Jesus and yourself a little better.

       * SPREAD THE WORD -  Awake and Alive has spread mainly by word of mouth and in the past two years we have had had about 150 people share in these events.  We would love to double, triple, quadruple the reach of this encouragement in Christ, but it really only happens if people know about it and are invited to it.  We have a Facebook and Twitter feed as well as this website to help get the word out.

        * LEAD AND SERVE -  It can be a great opportunity to be a part of leading these events by serving in a variety of ways.  We often tap into the musical talents of people as part of these events.  We're looking for people who can be small group discussion leaders.  We're looking for people who wouldn't mind setting up the room beforehand and helping pack it up after the event and in time we are hoping to do more ministry as God brings peer leaders into what is happening.  If you would like to consider serving or leading, please contact Awake and Alive director Mike Westendorf for more information.

High School Seniors  -  You are the next generation to enter this exciting and challenging time of life.  The explosion of freedoms as well as temptations, the depth of insight to the Christian walk as well as the challenges to it, all intensify this time of life.  We want to invite you to be a part of these events as you have an opportunity to talk with people who are a little further down the road of life from you and to find encouragement in a group of peers and future mentors.  We want you to have an opportunity to experience the inspiration and encouaragement that we receive from the Bible as Jesus opens our eyes to see the world around us with God's perspective.

What if I'm older than 25 but less than 30?

    *  Sometimes we get hung up on the technicalities of the number 25, let's just say that if you're 25-"ish", come and join us, find encouragement in the hope that we have for these events, that they challenge and grow our faith in the one who gives us the promise of Life to the Full - Jesus!  Otherwise come and join us by serving this generation of young people, you won't regret your investment of time!

For additional questions on how you can support Awake and Alive and what your support goes toward, please contact Awake and Alive director Mike Westendorf - - 414-507-8250